Digital Trends in Government Services

By 4Point

In February, Adobe announced that they will be offering Digital Design Templates designed specifically for use by government bodies. The move is a bold step by Adobe in enabling state departments to foster the digitization of their services. The offering of these templates acknowledges that users are increasingly expecting their services to be made available digitally outside of government offices.


All around the world, governments are already ramping up to meet the needs of the digital age.  Many of these transitions aim at improving workflow and user-friendliness.



For instance – the United Kingdom has enacted the Digital by Default Service Standard which regulates how their federal departments offer digital services.  The standard pushes for better flexibility for all segments of the user base. Standard 12, for example says that digital services must be intuitive and easy to use and get the task done right, the first time. 


In Singapore, the government offers eCitizen— a mobile offering that affords users a wide variety of digital services including passport renewal, bill payments or accessing medical alerts. The service will send text messages to the user’s phone with the pertinent information.


What about North America?


A poll conducted by Adobe surveyed various users in the United States about their opinions on the government digitizing their services.



Source: Adobe -


The graphic is telling. It appears that there is a real disconnect between users and government offered services.  Even more interesting is the fact that 73 per cent of New York voters would support a candidate who pushes for investing in government digitization. It raises a point to consider that in the future, government policy makers will have to consider government service digitization a top priority.


The United States government is taking notice. Recently, 4Point helped implement a digital solution for the U.S. Government Printing Office that has helped them save millions of dollars and lots of paper. The new solution, which utilizes Adobe Experience Manager, now lets users attain documents in PDF format authenticated using electronic signatures and seals. The agency has even been exploring the potential opportunity to use the technology to help with the digitization of U.S. archival material dating back to the 1800s.


In 2015, the U.S. Census Bureau released a software development kit called CitySDK and challenged app developers to come up with innovative digital solutions. The competition led to Purshable – a mobile app which helps get perishable food across neighbourhoods in Chicago.


Government services in Canada still heavily rely on paper forms. The creation of Shared Services Canada in 2011 aimed to modernize the delivery of technological services for Canadian public workers. This includes better network infrastructure, better wireless connectivity and video-conferencing from workstations. There is still a lack of push towards paperless solutions. Last year, the Information Technology Association of Canada released a report that urged the government to explore cloud-based services in the future.


Among the biggest concerns in providing their services digitally is security. There needs to be a system in order to authenticate digital forms. Among these solutions is Adobe Sign – a digital tool that is secure while also speeding up workflow.  Users can also fill out forms easily from a location outside of the department office.


By offering their digital templates, Adobe hopes that they will catch on with government agencies in order to help quicken the pace of their service digitization. The Adobe Digital Design templates are now available for free on Github.  These templates are open sourced and meet accessibility requirements.


As the digital age entwines users more and more, offering them services, like shopping, digitally – so will they expect the same from a government capacity?  Governments all around the world are having to swiftly meet this demand and adapt to the changing landscape.


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