4Point Application Support. How does it work?

By Karen McKernan

You have just arrived at your office and you open your email. You discover that your AEM system is down and you are getting dozens of messages from staff that are asking you what is happening. You know from that moment on its going to be a rough day.


Now what do you do?




In many cases a company or organization has decided that all they need is product support and have overlooked the fact that they didn’t purchase support on the AEM Application their organization invested in.

The painful lesson learned from this is that the value of having this kind of support cannot be measured in just terms of cost but also peace of mind. Knowing that any scenario that involves unexpected outages or functional issues with your AEM implementation can be resolved with just a phone call to our team. 


What is 4Point Application Support?  Think of it as an insurance policy for your 4Point developed solution.  Your organization has made a major investment and that investment needs to be protected. 

Our Application Support Team will focus on the performance of the solution while offering expert advice from a team with years of experience.

The inclusion of Transaction Testing allows us to set baselines to monitor the health of your AEM developed solution.  We’ll work with you to discover your organization’s pain points and set thresholds based on that.


Since our Solution Delivery Team works closely with our Application Support Delivery Team, we’ll be able to provide monthly reports tailored specifically for your organizations solution and baseline application requirements.  This will allow us to provide specific reports and charts that would best fit your organization’s needs. 

As an example – Users can’t login to your company membership page?  Don’t know what to look for?  We can quickly identify and analyze what the root cause is and strategize how to best resolve the issue.

When should you purchase 4Point Application Support?  Application Support should be in effect as soon as your 4Point developed solution goes into production. Not having application support is like driving a new car off the lot without insurance. 


Until October 31, 2016 customers who join our Application Support Program will receive five 4Point Days. These five days can be used towards Knowledge Transfer Sessions, Classroom Training, Form Development, whatever the needs of your organization.

If you are a 4Point customer who has an AEM solution developed by 4Point and you don’t have application support, call us today to find out more.



If your application was developed somewhere else?  We can still support you.  We just need to do a Health Check on your application; however, the charges for that will all be credited towards your first year of application support with us.

We strive to ensure that your 4Point experience is a collaborative one.  We want your organization to be successful with the solutions that we implement.  We don’t want to develop your solution and then leave you off on your own.  We want your organization to concentrate on what it does best.  Let us worry about the rest. 


Contact us today at 1-855-561-4187 or by email at sales@4point.com for more information.  

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