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    By Paul Karvoski

    If you’re an IT professional, a marketing specialist or an even a enterprise licensing expert, you’ve probably heard of the “Adobe Marketing Cloud”. Whether you’re creating a personalized “Campaign” for your online and offline channels, or looking for your perfect audience through the use of “Analytics”. Based on the results, you can now “Target” or identify the best content that can be delivered to the right customer. These are just some of the marketing tools, or solutions available to you through the “Adobe Marketing Cloud”.


    When we talk about customer experience, what are we really talking about?

    For a normal user, or a customer we’re not as much interested in how or why we ended up at a website, or page landing. Typically, it’s the experience and ease of finding what you’re looking for, and in the end being able to complete the final transaction. This usually means filling out a form or document on multiple devices and locations. 


    AEM Forms for Change Healthcare (former Chamberlin Edmonds) :


    "Chamberlin Edmonds" case study is available here.


    If you dig deeper into Adobe Experience Manager you’ll find next generation tool, or experiences. From “Sites”, for web experiences to a solution called “Assets” that let you keep all your digital content in one place. The one experience that is overlooked is AEM Forms. A document management system that is automated, making your form and document process simpler, more efficient and accessible for all types of devices. 


    Whether you start with a scanned paper form or a simple form made in Microsoft Word, Excel, or another application, you can turn it into an intelligent PDF, or into HTML5 so that forms can be opened in multiple browsers.


    Adobe continues to invest and improve in the Adobe Marketing Cloud technology. If you’re a LiveCycle customer already, your existing forms and applications will still work with Experience Manager Forms. If you’re not currently using an Adobe solution, here are some reasons to consider, especially when we are talking about AEM Forms.


    Fast & flexible form discovery for customers, AEM makes it easier to manage, edit and publish to multiple devices, sites, and apps from one central location.


    Help the customer in form completion with simple form-filling tool. Allowing for fewer keystrokes, reducing errors and making for simpler experience.

    Mobile users can fill forms on the go with HTML5. There’s consistency across all devices and form prefill using existing customer info or media profiles. Dynamic form behavior based on user responses. 



    This are just a small part of the AEM Forms solution offering. When you think about workflow, proactive security, efficient document processing and the continued improvements, the Adobe Experience Manager is the perfect solution.


    With the ability to leverage all of the capabilities of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, making this a complete integrated digital experience. This solution makes complete sense!


    To learn more about AEM Forms please watch this video  and talk to 4Point's experts.



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