For many organizations, a critical part of their interactions with their customers is a signature on a document. Whether it is a request for a change, a purchase agreement or a loan document a signature is the default requirement for the customer to agree and commit to the document and the process.

Today most organizations force users to print forms and documents and physically sign them. But this physical process also requires the users to either physically deliver the signed documents to the organization or the users needs to scan and email the signed documents. Both of these processes are a poor user experience and is not what your customers want or expect.

There is no need to continue to force your customers to physically sign documents. 4Point can help you link digital signatures to your forms and documents. And then you can send the pre-filled and prepared document to your customer for an online, digital signatures. They can sign the document in a browser or on a mobile device. This makes it easier for the user to work with you and saves you time and effort.

The combination of pre-filled, online forms and digital signatures can provide your organization with a significantly improved user experience. Some examples of potential savings include:

  • 20% lower abandonment rate on forms and documents
  • 66% higher productivity on form and document maintenance and creation
  • 1.5 hour saved per signature
  • $6 saved per signature transaction

4Point has helped many large and medium sized organizations to implement digital signatures on their forms and documents. Contact us today to start building a better user experience.



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