Workflows and forms




- How can I make my workflows more efficient?


- Can I afford to move from paper to digital? Can I afford not to?


- In terms of updating forms and streamlining business processes, where do I start?



4Point is considered the authority on electronic forms development. Three popular solutions are known to improve the effectiveness of workflows:


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms can be used to develop and customize forms tailored to the client’s needs. The results include more engaging customer experiences, increased productivity and improved workflow efficiency.


Low-Cost Form Templates offer quick solutions for basic digital form functionality. They’re the answer for converting older paper forms to digital format, while ensuring their overall integrity.


4-FLO, 4Point’s unique Adobe-based software, enables users to initiate, review and approve processes, without costly IT involvement.  Organizations find that 4-FLO also


-        Shortens reviewing times

-        Encourages better collaboration

-        Simplifies process management

-        Makes it easier to meet deadlines

-        Saves money

-        Empowers end-users

-        Decreases dependency on IT support

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