Tracking and Cookies

4Point uses Google Analytics to track user behavior on our website. Google analytics uses cookies to store information about each user as they view pages on the 4Point website.

Please review the privacy statement provided by Google to understand what information is stored and how that information is used:

By using and viewing pages on the 4Point website you are agreeing to the use of cookies for tracking purposes.

You can modify your browser settings to control how cookies are used and stored. For more information on changing your settings please the documentation for your browser.

Contact Information

If you wish to receive more information from 4Point or to communicate with 4Point, you can fill our Contact form. By completing and submitting the form with your contact information you are agreeing that 4Point can:

  • Contact you for purposes of a business relationship
  • Store your contact information
  • Share your contact information with 4Point partners when the request or transaction involves that partner, such as Adobe

4Point will not sell, share or distribute your contact information except as noted above. You have the right and ability to have your contact information removed from our systems by providing a request to marketing at indicating that we should delete your contact information.

4Point does not track, store or retain any other information other than what you voluntarily provide to us on the Contact form.