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Strategic Consulting

We specialize in delivering tailored solutions that align with your unique business needs. Our team of experts are dedicated to helping you optimize your processes, enhance efficiency, and drive strategic growth. Connect with us to explore how 4Point Strategic Consulting can transform your organization. 


Foundation Customer Care 

Sleep easy knowing your Adobe Experience Manager solutions are supported with a single point of contact within North America. Let 4Point be the liaison between you and Adobe to get your product issues resolved on your behalf and take advantage of our expertise to ensure the ongoing health of your Adobe Experience Manager system.




Accessibility is good business. It provides multiple improvements in your customer experience for all users and all consumers of your web content.

Learn more about how 4Point can make all of your forms accessible to persons with disabilities and ensure your compliance.



Automated Journey Management

Introducing an online end-to-end sales process for your signature-based sales can take a historically manual process and create a customized and automated process that creates a positive and interactive customer experience so your sales team can focus on their customer relationships and bring in the next sale.

Learn more about our automated journey management system and how you can incorporate it into your signature-based sales processes.



Digital Signatures

4Point can help you link digital signatures to your forms and documents. And then you can send the pre-filled and prepared document to your customer for an online, digital signatures. They can sign the document in a browser or on a mobile device. This makes it easier for the user to work with you and saves you time and effort.



Document Security

Using the Adobe Document Cloud, the 4Point Document Security solution provides organization with the ability to digitally protect documents so that only the intended, authorized recipients can view the authenticated document and only for the time period allowed.



Forms Modernization

The 4Point Form Conversion solution leverages 4Point’s deep expertise in forms along with a collection of custom built tools that allow 4Point to convert forms to up-to-date Adobe Experience Manager forms or Adobe Cloud Document PDF with a higher degree of accuracy and a faster turn-around time.

Cloud Migration

All organizations are looking to move to the cloud in the coming years. As you begin to think about this transition for your organization, there are many considerations you need to be aware of to make an informed decision.