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Unrivaled expertise. Limitless forms.

4Point is the global leader in documents and forms. We have helped customers move from paper to digital for decades. This unmatched experience makes us experts in digital transformation. Our incomparable knowledge facilitates successful transformations from paper to digital, giving organizations limitless opportunities to save money, increase efficiencies, and enhance end-user experiences.



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4Point is an Adobe Gold Solution Partner that specializes in Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Adobe Experience Manager Forms. Our team is certified and trained by Adobe. This combination of Adobe training and our unmatched experience allows us to transform organizations’ processes from paper to digital around the world.


Accessibility is good business. It provides multiple improvements in your customer experience for all users and all consumers of your web content.

Learn more about how 4Point can make all of your forms accessible to persons with disabilities and ensure your compliance.





Automated Journey Management

Introducing an online end-to-end sales process for your signature-based sales can take a historically manual process and create a customized and automated process that creates a positive and interactive customer experience so your sales team can focus on their customer relationships and bring in the next sale.

Learn more about our automated journey management system and how you can incorporate it into your signature-based sales processes.





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