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Unrivaled expertise. Limitless forms.

4Point is the global leader in documents and forms. We have helped customers move from paper to digital for decades. This unmatched experience makes us experts in digital transformation. Our incomparable knowledge facilitates successful transformations from paper to digital, giving organizations limitless opportunities to save money, increase efficiencies, and enhance end-user experiences.

4Point is an Adobe Gold Solution Partner that specializes in Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Adobe Experience Manager Forms. Our team is certified and trained by Adobe. This combination of Adobe training and our unmatched experience allows us to transform organizations’ processes from paper to digital around the world.

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Embark on a captivating journey with us at 4Point as we celebrate 20 years of revolutionizing the digital form and document space. As pioneers in this field, we have become the global leader in empowering businesses with intelligent Adobe document and form solutions.







Revolutionize Customer Engagement

Content management, customer communications, and customer experience revolution. DOCUMENT Strategy Forum (DSF) – leading the way since 2008. 4Point is thrilled sponsor DSF'24 in Boston!



Angèle Taylor Named Adobe Experience Manager Champion 2023-2024!

We are thrilled to announce that Angèle, our very own star, has been chosen as one of the exclusive 40 worldwide members of the highly prestigious Adobe Experience Manager Champion Program for 2023-2024!

Join Us in Celebrating Angèle's Achievement.





Digital Signatures

Automated Journey Management

Group of coworkers gathered around a boardroom table.
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Accessibility is smart for business, enhancing customer experience for all users. Discover how 4Point can make
your forms disability-friendly and
ensure compliance.

Upgrade signature-based sales with our online process, replacing manual steps with automation for better customer interactions. Explore our journey management system for seamless integration.

4Point enables linking digital signatures to forms. Share pre-filled documents with customers for online signing via browser or mobile, enhancing user experience and saving you time.

Document Security

Forms Modernization

Cloud Migration

Group of coworkers gathered around a boardroom table.
Group of coworkers gathered around a boardroom table.
Group of coworkers gathered around a boardroom table.

4Point’s Document Security,
powered by Adobe Document Cloud, safeguards files. Control access, limit viewing to authorized recipients
within set timeframes.

4Point’s Form Conversion uses
expertise and custom tools to swiftly
and accurately convert forms to
current Adobe Experience Manager
formats or Adobe Cloud Document PDFs.

As cloud adoption grows, organizations must consider various factors for an informed transition.











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