DSF and 4point

Revolutionize Customer Engagement

Content management, customer communications, and customer experience revolution. DOCUMENT Strategy Forum (DSF) – leading the way since 2008. As a Customer Experience Sponsor, 4Point is thrilled to enhance your journey to help your organization create, distribute and manage content, communications and strategies that enhance your customers engagement and loyalty.

DSF ‘24 May 20 - 22 Sheraton Boston

4Point is once again pleased to be a revolutionary sponsor and speaker at DSF ‘24. To arrange a conversation with us stay tuned for booth location and presentation topics, or contact us at sales@4point.com

DSF ‘23 Presentations

For 15 years, DOCUMENT Strategy Forum (DSF) has been the industry’s gathering place for professionals who are responsible for creating and managing content, communications and strategies to enhance customer engagement. At DSF ’23 we delivered two presentations on Adaptive Form Design Guidelines and Legacy Migration.




Adaptive Form Design Guidelines

Many organizations are considering a move from PDFs that look like paper documents to online, responsive and adaptive interfaces for data capture and presentation. Our session at DSF ‘23 provided an overview of Adobe Experience Manager Adaptive forms, showed participants the basics of building an adaptive form using Adobe Experience Manager, and provided participants with a set of design guidelines that can be used to make effective and accessible online forms that improve the customer experience.






Legacy Migration: How to Get and Stay Current

Many organizations continue to use end of life, legacy applications to generate forms and documents. Even if they have upgraded, they are still treating their current solutions as if they are legacy applications. Our session at DSF ‘23 reviewed the dangers and risks associated with continuing to use end of life applications, provided information on how to plan a migration and showed how just moving the old forms and documents to a new version does not improve the customer experience or allow the organization to take advantage of new capabilities or technologies.