Use Case - Enterprise Form Framework


  • A bank needed to shift from PDF and other form formats to modern, dynamic, browser-based forms that could be used by their customers without branch or staff involvement
  • Their existing PDF forms required significant staff to process and significant staff to maintain
  • The forms needed to be connected to internal applications and processes


  • An AEM Forms Framework that provides support for save/resume, forms submission, email and Document of Record archiving
  • Multiple formats are supported including Adaptive Forms, HTML5 and PDF
  • Forms are integrated with back-end applications including Microsoft Sharepoint and Pega


  • A robust, scalable architecture that allows the bank to develop the forms they need quickly and easily
  • Simplified maintenance and modification allows the bank to respond to changes and business unit requests faster and more effectively
  • Integration with Sharepoint and Pega ensures the developers can use the right tools to address the business problems