Use Case - Global Dynamic Forms




  • Multiple processes were using simple fillable PDF forms that presented a poor customer experience
  • Workflows for the forms was based on an internally developed solution that was at its functional limit and could no longer handle the volumes
  • The processes are global in scope, but the forms did not support regional differences or any dynamic features


  • Dynamic, geographically aware forms delivered and managed by the AEM Forms Server
  • Workflow processes, rules and routings built into the forms to allow for online and offline usage
  • Data integrations with multiple systems to eliminate manual data entry


  • Robust, scalable, globally scoped solution that provides user with a personalized experience
  • Logic, rules and validations in the form reduce errors and ensure data is correct before it reaches back-end systems
  • Initial deployment to North America. Now deploying to EMEA and LATAM over the next 18-24 months