Forms Modernization

For many organizations, forms are a primary and critical part of their customer experience. But most forms today use an out-dated and obsolete model of data capture and data presentation. Many forms today are based on a physical paper model – they look and feel like a paper form just put on a computer screen.

Worse than just duplicating the paper version of the forms, many organizations force users to download the form, then print it, then fill it out manually, then sign it. And then the user has to scan it and send the image of the form back to the company for processing. This is a very poor user experience. It is costly to maintain and forces the organization to re-enter all of the information. And users hate it. They want an online experience that supports browsers and mobile devices. They don’t understand why they have to re-enter all of the information that the organization already knows about them, like their name and address.

A Forms Modernization project is the way to take your paper-based and offline forms and move them online. A modern forms architecture gives you a wide range of user and organizational benefits., including:

  • Lower costs of maintenance
  • Faster creation and deployment of new forms
  • Compliance with Accessibility laws
  • Browser and Mobile ready
  • Substantially improve user experience
  • Pre-populated forms to save the user time
  • Digital signatures to speed up the form process
  • Elimination of manual data entry

4Point has helped many large and medium sized organizations to analyze and modernize their forms. Contact us today to start building a better forms architecture for your users.



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