All organizations are looking to move to the cloud in the coming years.  As you begin to think about this transition for your organization, below are some things to consider.

Cloud Options

What is the right environment for your organization?

  • Internal Cloud Environment, where you host, manage and maintain the infrastructure?
  • Adobe Managed Services, where Adobe manages and maintains the infrastructure?
  • Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, where Adobe takes care of everything?

Existing Environment

What do your applications need from a cloud infrastructure?

  • What do I need to support my applications in the cloud?
  • What are my privacy considerations?
  • What are my data considerations?

Data Integrations

What will be the connections between your data services and your application?

  • Where will the application be hosted?
  • Where will the data be hosted?
  • Are the data integrations and APIs capable of supporting cloud applications?
  • What are the security considerations for the data in transit and at rest?

While there are some significant challenges to cloud migration, there are also significant advantages to it.  Lower cost of application support, simplified infrastructure maintenance, the ability to scale up and scale down the environment to handle peak transaction volumes - all of these are long term benefits to making the switch to the cloud.

For more information on cloud migration, watch our podcast here.



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