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Congratulations, Angèle Taylor, on becoming an Adobe Experience Manager Champion for 2023-2024!

Angèle’s selection as an Adobe Experience Manager Champion serves as a resounding validation of not only her outstanding skills and capabilities but also 4Point’s dedication and expertise in Forms. This prestigious honor empowers Angèle to influence and inform customers about forms and Adobe form technologies in ways that would be otherwise unimaginable.

The AEM Champion Program honors passionate product experts worldwide, dedicated to:

• Sharing AEM expertise, best practices, and implementation strategies with the community.
• Collaborating with Adobe to shape the future of Experience Manager.

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Angèle Taylor, Strategic Solutions Architect & Adobe AEM Champion.

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“I am absolutely thrilled and honored that Angèle has been chosen as an Adobe  Experience Manager Champion! This prestigious distinction is reserved for a very  select group, with only 40 individuals worldwide named as 2023-2024 Adobe  Champions. The Adobe Experience Manager Champion program showcases  Adobe’s most dedicated brand advocates and seasoned experts.

Angèle’s selection for the Adobe Experience Manager Champion program serves as a resounding affirmation, not only of her skills and expertise but also of 4Point’s dedication and proficiency in the realm of Forms. This recognition will empower Angèle to shape and enlighten customers about forms and Adobe’s form technologies in unprecedented ways. I invite you to join me in extending your warmest congratulations to Angèle for this esteemed accolade!”

- Barrie Ellis, President and CEO